Reflections - Our Recent Spinal Attunement Training, NZ.

Jan 30, 2024

“ The whole experience was a deep coming home to self…”

In the heart of Auckland, Aotorea, New Zealand, a group of beautiful souls recently embarked on a transformative journey during our first Spinal Attunement training of the year. This four-day experience, led by Sigourney Belle, the visionary founder of the Spinal Attunement method, left a profound impact on the lives of those who participated. Among them, Danni Marie shared her sentiments, expressing the life-changing and transformative nature of the workshop, setting the tone for the celebration of another group of graduates.

“The Spinal Attunement Workshop is life changing and transformational. The whole experience was a deep coming home to self. It has continued weaving into my life and has been the best integration I have ever moved through….I still feel I will have some big challenges to come through but I have never felt more equipped to face anything.” - Dannie Marie, (@dannimarie____) 

In the ever-evolving landscape of holistic healing, the Spinal Attunement Method emerges as a globally accredited training modality that goes beyond conventional practices. Developed by the visionary Sigourney Belle, this method combines science, energetics, and spiritual esoteric philosophy to unlock the body's natural healing intelligence, specifically focusing on the spine. As a leading-edge healing technology, it delves into the realms of both the central and peripheral nervous systems, somatic tissues, and the energetic field, offering a whole-human approach to inner restoration.

 Students in Aotearoa, NZ fully immersed into a 4 day healing journey with Sigourney who led the transformative training that delved into the depths of the Spinal Attunement method along side Vincent Niemann who led Somatic Dance integration providing a sacred space for individuals to journey back home to the wisdom of the body. The workshop wasn't just a learning experience; it was a comprehensive integration of the elements that make us a whole human. 

The Spinal Attunement Method distinguishes itself through a unique fusion of science, energetics, and spiritual esoteric philosophy, recognizing the intricate interconnectedness of our physical, energetic, and spiritual dimensions. This modality provides practitioners with a holistic understanding of how to harness the body's inherent capacity for healing and restoration. At its core, the method delves into the profound awakening of the body's waters and the fluidity of the spine, guiding practitioners in facilitating a tremor response and spinal wave within the nervous system. This gentle and intentional activation acts as a catalyst for deep healing and inner restoration, unlocking the body's innate ability to release stored tension and promote overall well-being.

As Vincent Niemann co-facilitated the exploration of the nervous system through the dimensional realm of somatic dance his practice seamlessly intertwines with the Spinal Attunement method - inviting and unlocking the healing potential of the neurogenic spinal wave. Somatic movement serves as a medium for fully expressing the journey of the wave, enhancing the depth and richness of the overall experience.

A key component of the Spinal Attunement Method is the development of intuition. Practitioners learn to see beyond surface-level symptoms and identify the core root of physical, mental, emotional, and energetic dysfunction. By honing the ability to read the soma (the body) and subtle energy fields of clients, practitioners gain insights that guide them to address the underlying causes of imbalance, facilitating a more effective and personalised healing experience.

As we celebrate another group of Spinal Attunement graduates, we are reminded of the power of whole-human healing and the transformative journey each participant undertook. The combination of Sigourney Belle's visionary leadership and Vincent Niemann's dynamic somatic dance created a space for individuals to come home to themselves, in the depths of the wisdom within their nervous system. Our hearts are full as we witness the ripple effects of this transformative training in the lives of the graduates and the communities they will undoubtedly impact.

If you want to explore the map  that overlays the energetic body to the nervous system to heal the root of symptoms, apply for a discovery call for our revolutionary trainings.

With warmth and nourishment,
Soma Mystica. x

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