What are your foundations of Self?

Jan 23, 2024

Soma Mystica invites you to reflect on the foundations of your being that shape who you are and embody your vision. Just as a tree is formed in relationship with its systems of roots, our inner selves are built upon deep foundational elements. While we shed, grow, and transform can we cultivate a connection to these foundational pillars that support our deep healing? 

Soma Mystica was conceived by our visionary founder, Sigourney Belle, with a powerful vision: to facilitate deep healing and cultivate a profound sense of homecoming within the sanctuary of the body. At the core of our teachings lies the empowerment of individuals to hold space for both light and shadow, allowing them to emerge in the presence of love and without judgement—an essential sanctuary for profound healing.

The foundations of this transformative vision were forged in the depths of Sigourney's extensive expertise in specialised neurophysiology, complemented by a profound understanding of esoteric sciences. Soma Mystica serves as a bridge between Eastern and Western philosophies, harmonising scientific realms with ancient wisdom. This fusion gave birth to Soma Mystica—an integral, whole-human therapeutic model addressing the somatic (physical) body, emotional body, and the energetic layers of the soul and spirit.

Our body of work integrates various lineages of training, creating a rich tapestry of healing knowledge. We weave together Shamanism, Western Neurological Training, Traditional Psychology, Transpersonal Therapy, Integral Theory, Chinese 5 Element Theory, and Eastern Philosophies such as Yoga and Ayurveda. This diverse integration allows us to offer a whole-human approach to healing, addressing the multifaceted aspects of the human experience.

Soma Mystica has created its vision from a deep connection to these roots, our foundations. We invite you to be curious about your roots. An approachable way for you to establish this relationship is with a moment of reflection and meditation. Something as simple as attuning yourself to your breath, the life force that pulsates through your physical body, you initiate a profound exploration. This journey allows you to feel into your roots that nurture a sense of homecoming, grounding you into the intrinsic wholeness of your body—your sanctuary.

As you reflect on the foundations of your being, consider joining Soma Mystica on a transformative journey that bridges ancient wisdom with contemporary science. Our approach, deeply rooted in diverse lineages of training, promises a whole-human exploration of self. Whether you are a professional practitioner seeking revolutionary methods or an aspiring one seeking to connect with foundational elements, Soma Mystica welcomes you to a world of profound healing and transformative growth.

With warmth,
Soma Mystica. x

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